[Feb 11] How to Taste & Brew: Register Now!

Sign up for our next Volcán Coffee Connoisseur event! Register here and  scan the Alipay QR code below to pay. We'll send you a confirmation email. 

  • When: This Saturday (Feb. 11, 2017) from 2-5pm at Volcán Minhang (689 Guang Hua Lu, near Zhong Chun Lu | 光华路689号颛桥元谷文创园B座).
  • Participants will leave with a premium 250g bag of our fresh-roasted coffee as a gift!
  • The fee is 300 RMB at our 50% New Year discount.
    Payments should be made via Alipay after registration. You can either scan the QR below or find us as payments@cafevolcan.com. Please type "CC" in the payment details so we know it's you:

Event Description: 

  • This is an introduction to specialty coffee culture that offers an overview of green bean origins, roasting styles, and popular brewing methods. Learn where your favorite beans come from, how to distinguish and describe their taste, and why Starbucks coffee is so bitter. And learn how a good barista turns those great beans into a great cup of coffee. 
  • This three-hour course will open your senses on how to improve your palate and taste the amazing range of flavors single-origin specialty coffee has to offer. Plus you'll get tips on how to bring out the best with simple manual brewing methods, which are cost-effective and easy to use at home or on the go!

    * Conducted in Chinese (Mandarin).

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