Bitter & Sweet: Celebrating Individuality on 11.11

Make that a double shot—we just had our sweetest Singles Day ever!

Single, paired or whatever, everyone's Volcán coffee yesterday was complemented with an exquisitely crafted eclair from the Paris-trained E&M bakers. Totaling 111 and coming in 11 flavors, all the cream-filled delights were completely devoured by day's-end.

From rich coconut and toasty caramel to zesty lemon and ripe blueberry, all eleven flavors were made from scratch and prepared to perfection. There was even the delightfully surprising pairing of mango and violet—sweetened with crystalized flower petals. Did we say this was all freshly hand-made?

Stay tuned for more excitement as the team starts warming up for the winter holiday season. We've got our own specially-sourced natural ingredients for some new cozy concoctions.