Feeling the Love: Thanks for Celebrating 3!

We truly celebrated community, creativity and coffee for our third anniversary on 8/18! With a great crowd of many familiar faces from, we enjoyed a new range of spiked sips during our birthday party Tuesday evening. A little Baileys, Chivas and Jack Daniels sure went a long way with our fresh-roasted concoctions, which included "The Purist" cold brew, the "Pure Indulgence" affogato, the strong and rich flat white—"Little Richie"and the milky "Lightweight Latte". Everyone also enjoyed the savor quiches, compliments of our fresh pie supplier.

The lucky draw at the end was a real crowd-pleaser, which included five of our special edition cold brew bottles, Volcán T-shirts and signature Faldas bean bags. With such a full house, unfortunately not everyone went home with one of the 15 goodies. But the lovely memories were plenty to go around!

Our special guest, Space Stylist Junghyun Park, was there all the while, explaining her art to the interested guests and helping co-founder Lindsay Messenger handle the lucky draw. Managing Director Nils Weisensee was also there to give a warm Thank You speech.

So here's to the next step in our journey, another three years, and many more great memories to come! 

Happy Chinese Valentine's Day!

— Your Volcán Team