Volcán Film Quiz!

Welcome to the film quiz at Café del Volcán! Answer the following question by April 30, 2013 and get a chance to win a beautiful Hario glass drip-pot or one of 10 bags of freshly roasted premium coffee:

欢迎参加Café del Volcán有奖问答活动。在2013年4月30日之前回答以下问题,就有机会赢取精美玻璃Hario手冲壶一个,回答前十名就可获得免费的新鲜烘培咖啡豆一包哦:

What’s the name of the signature fashion accessory that our barista Chris is wearing in this film about Café del Volcán?

在这则关于Café del Volcán的短片中

This film quiz has ended. Thanks everyone for participating!