We’re hiring: Managing Roaster

Do you love coffee?
Do you know how to roast it?

We are looking for someone who is passionate about specialty coffee, has a strong sense for flavors, and at least some experience in roasting beans. As a Managing Roaster at Café del Volcán, you will be producing some of the best coffee in China. You will be involved in sourcing green beans, developing roast profiles, and optimizing flavors based on team tastings and customer feedback. You will also be managing the day-to-day operations of our roastery.


- Find outstanding green beans from local and international suppliers
- Develop roast profiles and optimize flavors based on tastings and customer feedback
- Roast coffee orders for Café del Volcán and our customers
- Help with green bean imports from our family’s coffee plantation Guatemala
- Manage tracking, packing, and delivery of wholesale orders
- Manage daily operations at our roastery in Hongqiao
- Manage green bean stocks at our roastery and warehouse


- Passion for specialty coffee and strong interest in the coffee industry
- Experience in roasting coffee beans
- Ability to manage several different tasks at the same time
- Excellent work discipline, reliability, and honesty
- Understanding of different coffee brewing methods
- Ability to taste and recognize different types of roasted beans
- Knowledge about coffee production and flavors of roasted coffees
- Good English skills

This is a full-time position with a competitive salary based on experience and skills.

Interested? Please send your resume to jobs@cafevolcan.com and tell us why you are the right person for this position!